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Utilization Reporting


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Without a link between Workload Balancer and the reporting function, we currently do not have ability to create forward-looking reports that display the utilization of staff for a given period of time. We need the ability to create advanced reports that display all resourced hours for a specific week/month/quarter. This includes all tasks that start, stop and will be in progress during the designated time.

Reporting currently does a great job of looking back, but more help is needed in its ability to look forward.



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this great question is over a year old and I don't see any response  from Workfront nor Adobe?  When can we produce actual reports on staffing utilization?  Especially since the built in tool (utilization nor planner nor balancer) have the complete picture, you need to hop between the modules.  Which an executive or business leader isn't going to do.    


Been poking around in the new reporting canvas module but to be honest the Canvas doesn't appear to be much more advanced than the traditional report builder... 


And my management and Leadership have been looking for this style of output. 


What am I missing - please help