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Update time off language or design


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The personal time off feature on Workfront is confusing from a design aspect and continually causes problems with teams trying to mark time off if they have a partial day off. The time off section says


[Name] will be gone:

✔ All day

From __ __

To __ __


If you uncheck all day, then the system asks for your working hours. This is where it gets confusing to users because it still looks like the system is asking for your time off since it shows like this:


[Name] will be gone: 

□ All day

Working Hours:

From __ __

To __ __


The "working hours" is in a lighter grey color and appears small, so your eye is drawn to the [Name] will be gone, so it looks like that person should fill out the time they are gone, not the time they are available and working.


Why is this feature important to you

This feature is important because even after training folks and bringing this to their attention, it still continues to cause confusion. This makes it challenging to know how accurate our calendar is when it continues to cause confusion.


How would you like the feature to work

If the associates were able to indicate what time they are gone or unavailable to align better with the design.


If the design could change to emphasize the "working hours" portion of the text box and not the "[Name] will be gone" portion to make it clear to people that they are stating what their availability is for that specific day.


Current Behaviour

Currently the design is confusing. It first asks when you are gone, and if not the whole day, the question reverses itself to ask when you are available.