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System notifications, 'combining' updates about the same item


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This morning I had a team member reach out indicating that he was receiving 'duplicate' notifications for single items in the system. After some light digging, the reality was that he had just received a notification for each time a new comment was made on the issue, and four comments were made. Upon selecting the most recent notification in his list and reviewing the entire issue he was up to speed on all four of the updates, however, he still has to go back into his notifications and 'clear out' all three of the other line items. As a system administrator I have accepted this as part of the system, however I can relate to the frustration of having to spend consistent time clearing out the clutter in my notification thread.

While I understand that each post is a unique event that the system is notifying the user about, I would LOVE to see these notifications 'roll up' or into a single line in the notification queue.

For example, instead of him receiving four individual notifications, the notifications would be represented as "unique item name (4)"? in the queue or possibly when new updates are posted, they could make older notifications obsolete and remove them from the notification queue?