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Story Points


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Would like to see stories estimated by points and tasks estimated in hours. The two estimates should not be linked or calculated in any way, specifically story points shouldn't be overwritten by task estimates. Would also like to be able to edit task point estimates on the actual task in the storyboard.



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Completely agree with you Raquel. Story points should in NO WAY be tied to hours if you're running true agile. Having the option to associate to hours is fine as some teams just can't grasp how points aren't tied to hours, but I also don't like how there is no way to have an independent Story point that is not associated to hours.

For the Product Team - please understand that at least in the Scrum world when you have a dedicated team you aren't as concerned about hours per resource and that type of utilization, you care about velocity and how many points the team can accomplish in a given sprint. I lean to using the Fibonacci scale when pointing stories, so you aren't going to get a true point to hour ratio, but for Scrum this shouldn't be an issue.


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I agree. There's another similar request for this. We use Fibonacci and the engineering departments are religious about points = level of effort, not time. There's no way to measure velocity if you're measuring the time to complete projects. Your level of effort remains the same, you're just more efficient, thereby completing more points in a given sprint. We'd love to see this adjustment or option (choose points = time or points = level of effort).

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