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Slack Integration: implement a 1 to 1 connection between a project and a workspace


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Create a relationship connection between a Workfront project (or projects) to a single Slack Workspace Channel.

My experience has been that a Slack workspace is created for a dev team that is focused on a single project or sometimes a small number of projects.

With this connection in place the allow configuration of 'Push' notifications from Workfront to the Slack Workspace for changes like:

Task Creation - Notify Slack Workspace that a new task has been created for the connected project(s)

Task Assignment - Notify Slack Workspace that a task has been assigned. (bonus points if it only send the notification if the assignment is to a Workspace member)

Task Planned date change

Issue Creation/Assignment



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In-app notifications would be nice. Here's a workaround to consider:

For each notification you want pushed to a specific Slack channel or DM, enable the e-mail notification in your Workfront profile settings.

From Slack's app directory, enable the email app to generate a custom email address that will post emails sent to that address directly to Slack.

In your email client, create a forward/delete rule for messages from:noreply@workfront.com, subject contains:(your project name) so that the notification emails you receive from Workfront matching that criteria are forwarded to the Slack email address, then automatically deleted.

You can create multiple integrations and forwarding rules so project notifications are posted to a corresponding project channel, team notifications are sent to a team's channel, or action required by you is posted in your DM channel, etc.


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Thanks for the suggestion William.

I took at quick look at this and my initial thought is that this isn't practical at a company level. It might be workable for one-off Slack Workspace / Workfront project integrations. However, at a company level all the setup and configuration for each project and team member just wouldn't fly.

But again, I appreciate the suggestion.