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Screenshots/Snip to Updates


Level 2


Description -  when communicating within Updates on any level in workfront, it would be great to have the functionality to copy/paste a screenshot into the update section.

Why is this feature important to you - provides a visual aide when communicating

How would you like the feature to work - simple copy/paste into update section, or add ability to attach to update section

Current Behaviour -  no option to do this, so team resorts to using outside systems like outlook, Teams.  



Level 7


I appreciate the option to "attach" an image to an update, however, it is cumbersome to have to save a screenshot as a file then go browse to attach it. Paste would be so much better!

Also, I wish the the ability to add images to an update could be restricted by interface template or access level or some other way to control how images are provided by requesters. We need requesters to provide images that are intended to be hi-rez as an upload to the document section for record keeping and versioning.  Requesters tend not to understand the concept and just go for the easiest route, so we have to keep the feature turned off to prevent extra work. 




Hi @KWilhelm ,


Thank you for submitting the request. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of the fact that you can enable image attachments to comments via Setup -> Interface -> Update Feeds -> Preferences. The copy/pasting won't work, but you will be able to attache images to comments.


@RhondaGTriggs , thanks for the feedback. We were considering to add image size limitations to the comments, do you think that could help?

Status changed to: New