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Reports and Dashboard Organization by Group


Level 4


Description (Situation): The list of reports and dashboards are quite long in an instance shared by many groups. It makes it difficult to locate and manage reports & dashboards, especially for a system admin that sees everything.

Current Behavior (Background): There currently isn’t a way to categorize reports and dashboards based on the group ownership versus the system level so they are easier to locate. The folders that are available in the reports area do not allow for a system level management to provide consistent structure to all users.  

Why is this feature important to you (Assessment): When managing a group it would be beneficial to easily locate the reports and dashboards for their specific use rather than scrolling a long list of reports. Even though some users do not see all reports, there can be system wide used reports or ones shared across groups that make it hard to locate their own. It is especially cumbersome for the system admin since they view all items in the list and cannot easily locate items to assist a particular group and it takes a long time to load the large number of reports when viewing all. There also isn’t a way to indicate system level reports that may be used across groups which can only be managed by the system admin.

How would you like this feature to work (Recommendation): We would like the ability to tie a report or dashboard to a group so it shows up in their group area for easier management. It would also be great to provide a left navigation menu that would be clickable in the reports area so you could choose a set of reports by group. This should be customizable by the system admin to provide a consistent navigation for all users. (Note: we know new reporting is coming with different features, but this functionality would also be important for the new setup). In addition, it would be helpful to be able to change ownership of a report to a group so the group admins could more easily manage sets of reports used by multiple users in their area and not worry about that person leaving the organization.