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projects in kanban board




here's an idea that was already shared in the past. I would like to re-enter it for the development team, together with a workaround that might interest some of you, Workfront users and experts.


The idea first: for all "traffic managers", it would be nice to have a kanban board with existing projects and some of their properties. The new boards have been developed for issues and tasks only, and we hope that the concept will be extended to projects soon.


For the meantime, I've just implemented for one of our team a workaround, without interactivity (yet?), to display their projects in such a board, using Fusion. 

The scenarios are quite easy to create. The principle is to create issues corresponding to the projects (tasks can also be used in theory) in a dedicated project . A board is then linked to that project.

A first Fusion scenario is watching for new projects and create corresponding issues = cards in the board (2 modules)

A second Fusion scenario is wachting for changes in existing projects and updates the issues = cards (4 modules)


With Fusion this set of information is visible in the issue card (directly in the Kanban view):

- the issue name is the name of the projects. It is also possible to concatenate the name with other information from the project,

- due date is the planned completion date. But it is also possible to use this field with any date,

- estimation is the progress percentage (can get a value between 0 and 100),

- status is the equivalent status for issue (not necessary the same) and determine the column of the Kanban,

and most important (but not directly in the Kanban view but inside the card), description is the URL to the corresponding project.

I also store the projectID in the URL field of the issue to keep the reference between project and issue. This is necessary for the second Fusion scenario above. 


So it's currently only a passive view of the project. Making changes here will not interactively change the project properties (maybe with new scenarios?). But at least one can spot a project that needs a follow-up and go to that project with 2 clicks. And it's also possible to enter tags, like in a common issue/task board.