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Project Set-up - Planned Start/Completion Date


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Currently when you convert an issue to a project and set the project's Planned Start or Planned Completion Date (depending which direction you're scheduling from), the project takes the date from the issue.

It would be great to be able to jump to "Today" or be able to change the year, without scrolling through the months one at a time.

We have a team that enters issues into Workfront to plan for the whole year, but doesn't send each issue along to our creative team until they've gathered all the details. So some of our project managers are receiving issues in August 2020 that were entered into Workfront in September 2019. And when the convert to a project, the project picks up a 2019 date, jumping to a current date takes a lot of clicks.

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Yeah the date defaults for projects can be confusing and a "today" button would be useful; most calendar systems have this ability.