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Planned Hours Allocation on Simple Tasks


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If there are 2+ users assigned to a single task, and the task is set to simple with a different allocation of hours between the resources (example below), there is no way to see how many hours are allocated to one person vs. the other if I am the resource working on the task. I suggest adding a feature so that each resource can clearly see their allocated time.


Resource 1: Assigned 1 planned hour

Resource 2: Assigned 2 planned hours

How do these two resources know the amount of time allocated to each person?

Along the same lines, when using the contouring feature of the scheduling tool, how is the resource able to see the # of hours allocated on day 1 vs day #, etc.? I don't see a way a resource is able to see this either.

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Level 4


Yes!! This would be amazing and so, so helpful.

Also, it's impossible to even contour when you don't know what their totals are. It would be great if you removed all hours from a particular day, it would spread the remaining hours out to the rest of the days so you don't have to fumble with the math.