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Organizing Recurring Tasks


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The functionality for setting up recurring tasks initially is easy to understand and set up, but the way the tasks are labeled is a chore. If I have a user who processes DCM tickets every day, I end up having them look like this:

  • DCM Tickets 1
  • DCM Tickets 2
  • DCM Tickets 3

In a user report, the task names above are not helpful. Would it be possible to use the date guidelines set to create some sort of naming convention?

I am basically looking for overall improvement in how recurring tasks are executed in the system.



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If it could add the planned date to the end of the name, that would be really helpful!

From the example above, it would look like this:

- DCM Tickets 3/13/17

- DCM Tickets 3/14/17

- DCM Ticket 3/15/17



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I agree with this completely!! When assigning recurring tasks, the worker also wonders why there's a number at the end when they are looking at the task in their work or on their calendar (not seeing it within the actual project). I end up having to go back and take the numbers off manually which kind of defeats the purpose of having something automate.

Also, when you set up a recurring task, it creates a parent task that lasts however many days as the whole group of tasks and assigns it to that person automatically. This means the parent task shows up on the worker's calendar for 175 days (or however long you have chosen for it to occur). I found a workaround by ungrouping the tasks and reassigning the parent task to no one but it seems like it should be possible to unassign that parent task and keep the grouping without unassigning the whole group. Hope this makes sense!! Here's an example of what I did... "Update Jess of New Bible Plans" Parent task was unassigned and un-indented (if that's a word) so it wouldn't show up on Katherine's calendar.


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We are using recurring tasks as "reminder" for periodic payments and I have the problem that adding additional tasks later on, changes the manual title.

Looks like that for example when I created the tasks:

If I added further occurences via the Recurrence Frequency settings, all tasks would be renamed and I had to change them again.

In my opinion it would be great if the system would notice, that titles have been changed manually and therefore doesn't change it again to the standard.

Author: Stephan Siller


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Yes! This!

I would love to be able to select what I want to use as the task name suffix. Generally I wind up changing the number that is auto-applied to the end of the task name to the planned completion date (month/day).