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Option to not require approvals after stage closes


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Description - Imagine you're working on a project and everyone needs to okay the work at different steps. But once a step is done, it'd be great if there was a way for either the person in charge or the users to decide, "Hey, we don't need to get this person's okay for the next steps." This would make things a lot smoother and faster.


Why is this feature important to you - We want to quickly see who's approved the proof at different stages without the need for all approvers to approve again if there's a new version.  


How would you like the feature to work - Often new versions are only needed by current proofs stage participants. Example: content teams has looked over a proof and decided it's fine. We only need design input after that. After design input, we need leadership approval, but we don't want to both content/design at this stage. I propose a stage setting that says, "Approvals not needed for this stage after current version is fully approved" or something like that.


Current Behaviour -


I know there's a work around to remove close stages after they're complete, knowing that previous versions will capture their decisions. But it's be nice to have an easier way to see those approvals without having to sift through multiple versions.

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I would suggest possibly rethinking the proofing workflows to get additional functionality.  If someone is added to a proof workflow and they don't need to be on it - simply put - the easiest thing is to take them off or never add them in the first place.  If it so happens that this person does not need to be added to the review until a later state, what could we name this stage, what other people would be appropriate to review in this moment in time, etc.