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New Tasks Start Date to be equal to Today's Day when Attaching a Template (new work to start when added)


Level 2


Description -

The Setting for New Tasks preferences are either to have a Planned Start Date a) based on the Project Planned Date, or b) today's day (day of task creation)


Current Behaviour -

The above is true when Tasks are created using the "New Task" (at top of the Tasks List) or the "Add More Tasks" (at the bottom of the Tasks List), or when tasks are added via a Template attachment AND the Setting is based on the Project Planned Date.  However, this is not true when the tasks setting is based on today's day and tasks are added via the attachment of a Template.  See attached table.


Why is this feature important to you -

Our long-standing Projects can be 2 years long, so whenever we attach a Template in a middle of a project with the Task preference setting as today's day we expect to have the task starting today, but instead they are planned to start at the Project Planned Start Date which could be over a year ago releasing work to start in the past. (if dependencies are not timely done)  


How would you like the feature to work -

Expected to present the same behavior: Whenever the task setting is to have a planned start date equal to Today's day, this should apply regardless of a Task being added with the "New Task", "Add More Tasks", or by the attachment of Template Tasks.