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Microsoft Teams integration


Level 5


Could be used to submit requests, share calendars or reports.



Level 2


It would be great to have full MS Team integration so we are able to manage conversations and tasks within the confines of Teams.

This woul overcome the issue of no live chat being available within Workfront


Level 2


now testing teams integration and it is working well to a point.

A task/issue/risk can be assigned to a person and that appears via the Workfront Bot and they can notify the PM and workfront that they are going to work on it, but there is no mechanism to that person to add and update to that task to the PM via the card the Bot creates.

If the PM enquires about that task/issue/risk then they can pass a number of updates between them each being recorded in Teams and in Workfront.

There needs to be, along with "work on it" button an "Update" button on the original card.


Level 4


It would be great if we could add a WF report or project as a tab within a Teams Channel. I think this would make workfront adoption SO much easier if team members could update reports or tasks from within their designated MS Team Channel rather than going in-browser.


Level 2


When you reply to a Workfront Update in Teams, we need to be able to Add  - @TaG another person and add them to the thread if needed, just like in Workfront,