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Mark Updates & Update Threads As "Resolved" Or "Complete"


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I love updates and the ability to communicate in workfront instead of email, BUT there needs to be a way to organize and cleanup comments/communications.

It is very difficult to see what updates/comments are still relevant.

I would HIGHLY recommend a manner a way that the project planner could mark a comment and a whole comment thread as "Resolved" or "Complete" and when this happens that comment goes light color gray or other manner so it is easy to see only OPEN comments.

The entire update/comment section should be more editable/adjustable.

Brand new comments will be hidden at the very bottom if they are part of a sub-thread that started older slightly older than updates above them.

Finding the most up to date updates can be difficult

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I agree. My entire team is struggling with no way to manage and organize the in-app notifications and comments. Another system I have used called Wrike allowed communications to come into an internal "in-box" and you could file them or keep them in your inbox until you were done with them. A similar option would be so helpful in workfront. See image attached of example format. The biggest complaint I get internally is in regards to the lack of organization_customization of in-app notifcations and communication.