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Make the quick filter usable for Assignment and Status column


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Description - After support's research, they indicated that the Assignments and Status column will be unpredictable when using the quick filter since it's not a sortable column. We use this column often as it's a better view for tasks with multiple assignees or when we want to see all tasks assigned to someone, not just the ones where they are the primary assignee. 

"My team has confirmed that the Tasks: Assignments and Status field is not sortable, which is required for quick filter searches. They recommend using the User column as I had suggested as well, feel free to keep both columns but keep in mind that the previous column you were using will be unpredictable with the quick filter searches. If you would like for us to make this field operable with the quick filter feature, I would recommend submitting this as a product enhancement via our Innovation Lab."


Why is this feature important to you - So we aren't thinking we are seeing all the tasks associated with a name when using the quick filter since there is no warning that the Assignments and Status column doesn't always work with that feature. 


How would you like the feature to work - Enable quick filter to be usable with Assignments and Status column


Current Behaviour - Results are not consistent and won't always show every task that has the searched text. I was noticing that there were supposed to be 4 results one day, but when I quick filtered the name, it only showed two.