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Make Kick-Starts not an Admin Only function


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We currently have 8 people who create projects via spreadsheet. This is important as they are creating anywhere from a small handful to multiple hundreds of Projects at a time. They each are responsible for a category of items that require Projects, so there's really no way at this time to consolidate to a couple users, as they are the keepers/managers of their own info.

Unfortunately this requires all 8 of them to be full System Admin. So, these users have access to the whole backend and all the settings when they need a single access point - Kickstart import. I've built a PIN on their interfaces to take them directly to the Kickstart page, but it's still a bit nervy to have everything exposed where it could be accidently modified if someone got lost.

Please fix. At least to a lower level Admin status that doesn't have access to the whole enchilada.





Hi @angielawrence and @CaitlinCollins,


I invite you to consider our Excel Updater solution, which would allow such users to insert (and -- unlike Kickstarts -- also update) Projects, custom data, etc. without requiring SysAdmin access. I'd be happy to chat further about it via doug.denhoed@atappstore.com.