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Logic within fields resetting


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Wondering if the technology has the capability within custom forms to do the following:

We have a large number of fields that are associated to other fields using logic. We have come across a case where when using radio buttons on fields that are dependent on above field selection, if those radio buttons are selected and then the dependent field selection changes, the values are held within the logic fields even though they no longer show in the form.... Is there a way to have those reset to blank if they are not showing within the form?



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I don't believe there is a way to reset those fields to blank. I have a similar issue with fields where a particular option is the default and that field is dependent on above field selections - even when the field doesn't show, that default is selected and shows in reports


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For our AEM DAM metadata mapping - When you choose a Region, logic shows a corresponding Country list. If you uncheck the initial Region, the Country value that you picked is not also removed. That hidden country metadata is pushed along with the correct country that is now linked to the new region choice. So not a great case for metadata mapping!