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Inherited Permissions: Not Working (Please Upvote)


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Hi Community -

One of my plan license users (named Jessica) has manage access to a project. This project has 594 (total) issues. When Jessica uses the search and types in the exact "Issue Name", there are no search results.

According to Workfront Support, even though Jessica has "Inherited Permissions" to manage the project, the permission/access does NOT cascade down to everything (eg, tasks and issues) in the project. Workfront says "it's working as designed".

The proposed solution from Workfront is to select all 594 issues and grant Jessica (view or manage) access. I suspect this would generate 594 emails announcing the shared objects, unless I temporarily turn off that notification.

To me, this is not how it should work. If someone has manage access to a project, that access should cascade to all objects within the project and that access should result in finding any of the objects in search.

If you agree, please upvote.

FYI, after 10 years of using Workfront, this is my first Idea Exchange submission.