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Inherited Permissions - Increased visibility in reporting


Level 7


Inherited permissions are critical to giving people appropriate access. However, if someone removes inherited permissions or if a user strips permissions when moving a task these inherited permissions can be pretty quickly removed and it becomes very difficult for project owners to realize this.

I propose adding a simple "Inherited Permissions T/F" flag on Issues, Tasks, Projects, Programs, and Portfolios. This needs to be accessible in reporting and it should pretty quickly indicate when there are no inherited permissions attached to an object. This would allow for some very easy audit reports that allow these problems to be addressed proactively.

Examples of things that break without inherited permissions: reporting on actual hours, resource management practices when trying to determine availability, scheduling with predecessors when you can't find you task, etc.

If a True/False flag isn't possible on these objects, what are other suggestions that Workfront can make to increase the visibility of whether inherited permissions are applied or not?