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Improve performance of filtering by Breadcrumbs (or Allow Queue Topic as Filter on Assignments Object)


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Description - When using the Assignments object to display Issues by Assignee for a specific Queue Topic, we were advised by Workfront to utilize Breadcrumbs as a text mode filter.  e.g., 



Unfortunately, the performance of our reports becomes very slow when utilizing this filter.  While we can use other objects to report on assignment (e.g., Issues), the accuracy of those reports is lower (e.g., Issue may be assigned to multiple assignees which is not depicted accurately in the Issues object).


Why is this feature important to you - This is important for our organization as the performance of the report is very slow; sometimes the report results will time out.


How would you like the feature to work - (A) Allow Queue Topic as Filter on the Assignments Object in reference to Issues.  (B) Adjust/resolve the performance of Breadcrumbs in filtering.  (C) Provide a field/item/attribute to allow reporting of multiple Assignees to an Issue on the Issues object