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Exporting from Workload Balancer


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I saw back in 2020 someone posted this but it didn't get many upvotes.

Not sure how many teams us the 'Planner' in resourcing but i learned on a call recently that it will soon be phasing out / no longer be supported.

The biggest thing about the planner is that you can EXPORT the data. Removing the planner will only leave the Workload balancer, which currently has no ability to be exported.



Although i can do a task report, this area would be a great way for me to export weekly information easily and visually pleasing for certain teams. Would love to at least get the functionality of exporting into the Workload balancer if the Planner is going away.





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In one of my reports (assignment report) I refer a field not available directly from Report wizard, but which is available via Workfront API. Field is called workPerDate and essentially gives you allocation split per date - so exactly what you see in WB.

No need to say, that report data is easily exportable. 
Here is text mode for the field:


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@Rafal_Bain - I love this bit of text mode editing! I have exported it to excel but am having difficulty converting it to a format that I find useful for reporting (e.g. with date headers and hours underneath or a format I can use in a PIVOT). Before I go too far down this rabbit hole, have you come up with a solution?


Here is a sample output to the "WorkPerDate" column using the above text mode:

Column 1 Column 2 WorkPerDate Column
AAA BBB {2023-01-17=120.0, 2023-01-18=120.0, 2023-01-19=120.0}
CCC SSS {2023-01-17=50.0, 2023-01-18=10.0, 2023-01-19=0.0}


What I'd like to see:

Column 1 Column 2 2023-01-17 2023-01-18 2023-01-19
AAA BBB 120 120 120
CCC SSS 50 10 0



Column 1 Column 2 Date WorkperDate
AAA BBB 2023-01-17 120
AAA BBB 2023-01-18 120
AAA BBB 2023-01-19 120
CCC SSS 2023-01-17 50
CCC SSS 2023-01-18 10


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Hi Matt,

I didn't bother to convert this to other format, it was not needed on my end.

However, after looking at the format I'm pretty sure I would use other tool than excel to get this done quicker and make it re-usable with any set of input.

Alteryx and Tableau are available at hand for me, so I wouldn't trouble myself with excel. Here I think simple formulas might not be enough, at minimum a macro to get the right format would be my approach

Sorry if that let's you down


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No worries, I appreciate the update. I'll investigate other reporting options 🙂 We used to be able to do this within Workfront (RSALLO reporting) which was great but for some reason that was taken away 😞 

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