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Export calendars to print as a PDF is no longer on the roadmap. Please everyone vote on this and comment if you haven't already. https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PS98AAG/detail


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We finally got the planned dates to "stick" so now the calendar is usable (for me!) and not dependent on when people mark their tasks done. However, not being able to export or print the calendar is still a problem so I can't use it as my single point of truth. We need to be able to print in order to take notes and distribute more widely. I'm very bummed about this turn of events.



Rob, This is something I have been asking for but it has not hit the development roadmap yet. There is a post in the idea exchange for this but I do not think is has enough votes yet. I feel that many customers would benefit from having this functionality and it could help increase "C" level usage of the Workfront tool as well. Shelly Long Pier 1 Imports
Hi Shelley and Rob, AtAppStore has a Printable Calendar with any color definable at the Task level. If you'd like more details, please email me at doug.denhoed@atappstore.com . Regards, Doug
There are a lot of good ideas on the Idea Exchange related to improving the current calendars. Anything from more flexibility with colors to more control over dates, printing, generating a URL (like reports), etc. All you have to do is search on Calendars. Some work on this one feature could go along way to extending usage of Workfront by Teams, Planners, Project Managers, and Executives, Personal Time Off...it really seems to be a diamond in the rough. I was in a meeting this week and to quote on of the attendees, calendars are really the "first report" when you think about it. It's a visual that everyone can get around on many different levels. Admin Kelly-Wehrmann SSFCU


This would allow our Account Executives/Project Manager to fully create campaign/project schedules in Workfront and share them with clients.

In addition to exporting to PDF, it would be nice if you could generate a URL that could be published, like reports. It would also be nice if you could export to MS Visio or Powerpoint so that you could apply additional overlays if needed.