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Export calendars to print as a PDF is no longer on the roadmap. Please everyone vote on this and comment if you haven't already. https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PS98AAG/detail


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We finally got the planned dates to "stick" so now the calendar is usable (for me!) and not dependent on when people mark their tasks done. However, not being able to export or print the calendar is still a problem so I can't use it as my single point of truth. We need to be able to print in order to take notes and distribute more widely. I'm very bummed about this turn of events.



Completely agree with this. Our Executive Management would utilize Workfront if we could export or print the calendars because we could utilize this for our Marketing Calendar that is used across our entire organization. The inability to export or print a useable version is a major flaw.


Level 9


It would be great if it were possible to publish a workfront calendar to a .ics URL that one can subscribe to in Outlook or Mac Calendar.

We have users that would like to easily add their Workfront tasks to their personal calendaring tools that they use frequently.

We also need more printing flexibility with monthly calendars. Some of the key criteria are printing individual months, printing a footer or legend on the calendar and an easy way to make a PDF of the calendar. MS Project, Fasttrack, and every other PM software package on the market have dozens of printing options for calendars. With Workfront, you first have to make a dashboard of your calendar to have any flexibility at all, then you can print with just a few options. Many users can't get into Workfront for various reasons, some users are external and we don't want to, or can't provide them access. Sometimes we just want to show a client the calendar for this month (it can be done, but not easily). We need some ability to create monthly calendars with more formatting flexibility.

I was hoping to add my voice to this to say that a calendar export feature would be much appreciated. We were surprised to see that this wasn't already an option. It would be helpful if we were able to export specific timeframes from the calendar report. Such as a month or, six weeks, etc.