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Display tasks in work list if they are changed from complete back to not started


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Description - We have ran into an issue where tasks do not show in work list if the status was changed from complete back to not started (which can happen if tasks are accidently or prematurely close out).

Why is this feature important to you - It would allow our users to view their tasks in the Work List, even if a mistake was made and the task was closed out early or accidentally. 

How would you like the feature to work - Show tasks in the Work List even if they are changed back to a status of "Not Started."

Current Behaviour - Tasks do not display in the Work List when they are changed back to "Not Started" from "Complete."



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@Kiesner10  Users themselves can bring a task back to their work list after closing it just by clicking Not done yet, where the Done button was before they clicked it.

It gets trickier if someone else is saying the task isn't complete. For example if there are multiple people assigned to the task, which one needs to do more work? You probably don't want to add it back to everyone's work list - so there would also need to be a way to indicate who needs to work on this again.

As a workaround in the meantime, I've found if I un-assign someone, change the task status, then re-assign them, that accomplishes this.


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Yes this is a huge issue! I've also noticed if I reject a task it doesn't go back into their queue unless I unassign and reassign.