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Delagation Notifications


Level 6


Adding notifications for delegated  work.


When a Workfront Worker or Planner delegates their work Workfront will notify the delegated assignee that another Worker or Planner has delegated work to them. The issue is when new work come in or task date changes, there is no notification to the delegated worker that dates have changes or new work is assigned. There is no email notifications, no in app notice, the delegated worker needs to go to t heir home page in Workfront and filter for delegated work. This functionality can cause task to be missed or new work not started.  

Why is this feature important to you - Adding a notification allows awareness of the delegated assignee that new work has been assigned or task dates have been updated. 

How would you like the feature to work - Along with the notification of the original owner of the task or project a copy is also sent to the assigned delegate.

Current Behavior - No notifications are sent to the assigned delegated Worker or Planner.





I second this. If you have another user's work delegated to you and you take responsibility of that work (so that it's like your own work), you should be able to receive the same notifications that the original user would have received if they had not delegated their work. 


Level 3


I agree - we need to have notifications flow to the users that have work delegated to them.  

I thought something was wrong with the delegation setup but see that this feature has not been developed yet.