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Daily Digests include preview text of each update


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Please include preview text of each update in the daily digests. The daily digest emails about project communications is just the projects that have updates and the number of updates. Users are then required to click through into each project and navigate to the updates to read them. The links in the emails don't even direct to the update sections just the project homepage.

Workfront is able to provide text previews in the Global Discussion updates why is this functionality in ALL daily digest emails?

Please fix!

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Yes! This!

Having to click into each project where you've been tagged in a comment from the digest email is an extra unneccesary step. If a preview was included in the email, you could take a quick glance to know whether you've already seen that comment and if you need to ciick into the project.

Also, the digest of objecgts you've been assigned to just takes you to Home, there's no indication of which items on your Home list are new. A preview of the task or issue name with a link directly into that would be more helpful.