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Custom Form Entry Date


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I am able to report on WHO entered a custom form but not WHEN that person entered it.

It would be most helpful to see a record of date/time that a custom form is created to help identify which is newer in the system as opposed to which one had a last update. That does not always guarantee it is the correct and newest form version.

It is cumbersome to go through a form with hundreds of fields to find the minute changes just to figure out which is the original version. Of course this could have been prevented, had someone been more careful with naming and been more attentive to detail, but as you know, stuff happens. This seems like an important piece of data that most other objects in Workfront do have reporting for and I feel this same field for custom forms would be useful to many people.

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Yes! Not just view, but filter too please. I can create filters on entry date for most other objects in Workfront, but not custom forms.