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Current status ( workfront trust link) on the workfront log in page


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To enable less admin over head when the system has issues, or when work is being done. Have the status and upcomming work on the login page. Or at the very least have the trust link on the login splash screen and inside of workfront. Would be really good if you could tailor to Cluster being used, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

Why -

1) On the login screen, if you are unable to get logged in due to an outage/issue then you have the info on that page or at the very least the link to the Workfront trust page to see if there are any issues. - a live update would be best, rather than having to navigate away from the login page.

2) have a live display on the internal pages, even if its a circle Green/Yellow/Red on the current status to show issues if you are in the system, and you are experiencing unusual behavior.

This way users have information on when there are issues and this then does not hit admins with requests when there are issues, or even having to email the org to say workfront is down. Just makes the whole system a little more rounded to use.