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Copying Proofs - Ability to make the "copy" be a new version on a different proof


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When copying a proof, currently the only options are to

  1. Create a new version of the existing proof or
  2. Create it as a new proof.

Our request is to have a 3rd option be the ability to create a new version on a different proof.

The reason for this is that we have 2 copies of a proof - 1 for internal creation, 1 for the client. When the client makes all their comments on their proof, we want to copy over their comments into our internal proof - i.e. by creating a new version from copying their proof.

So right now, we're dealing with 3 copies now:

  1. 1 for internal creation
  2. 1 for client review,
  3. and now 1 for client comments to internally discuss (to then apply to #1)

By being able to upload the "copy" directly onto our internal one would save time and create efficiency.

There may be other use cases, though this is one reason for a client review process.

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