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Copy Documents Folders


Level 4


We'd like the ability to copy / duplicate document folders. Some of our projects have hundreds of documents and it would be easier to copy folders and slightly modify the names vs creating every single folder



Level 1


Yes, please! We would like to be able to upload a folder structure for each project type--without having to recreate it. We would be happy to create it once in WF, and then have the ability to copy it to other projects.


Level 3


I don't know if this resolves the issue for any of you, but our team created a template that is really only the folder structure we want (no tasks or project details), and it can now be added to any project. It's working really well for us. You can even have multiple variations of this template of "just folders".

Also folders can be added to any standard project template so that new projects from the template have all folders by default. This also works really well for us.


Level 2


Perfect response from @Justin White - simply create a blank template with the desired folder structure, then 'attach template' to a project.... and it pulls in the folder structure perfectly