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Convert Card on a Board to a Project


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Description: Would like to be able to take a card on a board and convert into a project similar to the way we convert a request to a project with a template. It seems like this would have already been a feature.

Why is this feature important to you - Create efficiencies and decrease manual processes. 

How would you like the feature to work - The same way a request gets converted into a project. 

Current Behavior - If there is a card on a board and it is determined it should be its own project, you have to manually create a project and then close the card. 

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I love this idea. 


Quick question here:  You are looking for any card (whether connected to a task or issue currently) to be able to convert to a project correct?


If not, currently in order to convert a connected card (task or issue) to a project you would need to


  1. have either a native or custom field associated that was tracked on that task or issue (I like using a custom "template object" typeahead field because it also includes the template you would want to use)
  2. a fairly simple Fusion scenario set to watch that field change (you can start with one of our existing Fusion templates and with a few minor changes make this work). 


Then let Fusion do the conversion automatically for you and also have the Fusion scenario change the status to a status associated with a column on your board that has the card fall off (archive) settings applied.   This probably works best with the Dynamic Board board template.