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Clear complete tasks from "my work" & show % complete


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Tasks that are marked as "canceled" or "100% complete" from the project should clear from "my work".

I'd also like to see %complete in my work.



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Barry - I'm hoping WF is actively looking at this, but to your point about showing recently completed, you can find that on anyone's profile page. That could help solve this problem. - Hannah


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Totally agree - QA is typically marking tasks as done in our company which means NOBODY is ever using the I'm Done button. This has rendered the My Work tab completely useless because everything still shows there.


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I see that this has 61 votes & that Workfront has marked it as unplanned. Do we know why? I agree with many of the comments listed on this request. If the PM marks it as done, the task should be removed from the Working on Queue. If we can't keep the Working on tab clean, our staff will not use it. As a compromise, I like Barry's idea - If Workfront does not want to remove it totally, put it on a separate tab called completed work.


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Marie, I am wondering the same thing. 5/7 of the top ideas in the My Work section are marked as Not Planned, and the other two are only Under Consideration. These are all over the 45 vote threshold. The least we could expect is some sort of explanation.




Thank you for the submission! We think this is a good enhancement to the Workfront platform overall and this product area in particular!


Workfront currently prioritizes large-scale, foundational enhancements such as the new Reporting experience and changes to the core data model, so this item does not fit in our near-term roadmap. As such, I am marking this as Declined now, but we'll keep this in our backlog for the improvements for this area so that we can revisit the decision in the future.

Status changed to: Declined