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Checklist for Workfront Proof Reviews


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It would be helpful to have a checklist feature in Workfront Proof on which we could list each user or department's review responsibilities when reviewing a proof.

For example, we typically have several users (from different departments) looking at the same proof, and each one is responsible for reviewing different areas or details. Having a checklist as a reminder of things to look for would be helpful.

We have tried using the current pop-up message when a proof is opened or when a decision is made as a reminder notification. That, however, is not great because there was so much text for each department's review responsibilities, and it was only viewable before opening and before closing the proof, but could not be referenced simultaneously when reviewing the file.

What we are looking for is a more integrated checklist that could be viewed while reviewing. If separate sections could be toggled or filtered that would be great (e.g. separate sections for each department, so only the one relevant to the user would be visible).