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Bring over Customer / Submitter when converting issue to task/project


Level 10


When we convert a request/issue to a task or project, we are losing the customer/submitter name. We need this info to come over with the conversion.

We'd also like to have the details come over on when the request was entered, comments on the request, etc... Currently we lose all that.



Level 4


I agree! It would be nice if the comments made on the Issue that is linked to the task would update as comments are made in both places. If they could "talk to each other", it would be extremely helpful, as the requestor sometimes makes comments in the original Issue that won't translate into the project or task that is started from that issue. See attached files. Some comments were made in the issue that are not present on the task. It is important information to have tied to the task!


Level 3


We currently use a custom view on reports to show the Converted Issue Originator Name but it would be so much easier for the person working on a task if that information is included in the assignment information/ reference number block.


Level 3


This is urgently important to my organization. This was a huge disappointment to learn about as we configured the system and went live in the past month. We were able to create a custom form that gathers some of this information and pulls it over but now it is buried and basically useless to our users.