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Be able to mass remove a resource as a resource manager on ALL templates at ONCE


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This is a big FAIL and a miss for Adobe Workfront.

Current Behavior: When a licensed person leaves and you have to decommission that person or for some reason you have to delete a person from Workfront, you currently cannot do a mass delete job for that person as a resource manager on ALL templates at once. WHY WHY WHY? You can only do it manually. If you end up decommissioning that person but that person isn't removed from all templates, any time you try to add a template to a request you get an error message. Until you MANUALLY remove that person from EVERY template, you will continue to receive that error. 

Desired Behavior: There should be an option/question that asks you "do you want to remove this person from all templates?" Yes. Automatically removed. Done. 


When you deal with over 150+ templates this is a SENSELESS task to do manually.