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Baseline Custom Form


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We would like to see a Baseline Custom Form added as a new custom form type in Workfront. When we create new Baselines, we would like to be able to attach a custom form directly to the Baseline object, and record our reasons for capturing the Baseline in a standardized way. This will help us review triggers for our Baselines in aggregate, and identify trends/bottlenecks across all of our projects.

Note that this is a different idea from this one, which asks for project/task custom field data to be captured automatically when a new baseline is taken. We are asking for a new custom form type that will be attached directly to the baseline object.

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Similarly, I'd to capture a Reason for why a new Baseline is being created and having a Baseline Custom Form would do the trick. It would also be nice to have Baselines automatically created every time the Status or Planned Completion Date on a project changes, since that is how we want to capture that metric.