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Allowing the full task name to be displayed in Gantt chart w/ Wrapped Text


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It would extremely helpful when attempting to use the Gantt chart functionality if there were a way to (make sure that a user could) display the full line of a task name, without cutoff widthwise. The support team explained that I could delete other columns to show more tasks, but my internal project team needs the info there, like dates etc. along with the task title.


This display issue seems like it could be fixed if the task title could continue onto a second line, rather than only run across, horizontally. 



Why is this feature important to you: I would love to use the Workfront Gantt chart because it has fantastic and understandable features. However, since the internal team cannot view the task titles in full (and without sacrificing the other columns) I need to look into other software to display the information we already have in  Workfront. 


How would you like the feature to work: It would be wonderful if there were either an automatic setting to wrap text in the task name column so that it is not cut off, or it would be great to have an option to turn it on.


Current Behavior - Currently, in downloading the PDF of the Gantt chart, the task name is cut off, even when multiple columns are deleted, once it surpasses a certain number of characters; this makes the task title unclear.