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Allow Task Conditions to be hidden


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It would be nice to hide the task condition update independently from just turning on or off system updates on task updates. Currently when someone clicks "Work on It" for a task an update is posted saying the task condition is "Going Smoothly". Our users don't agree that just because they start work on a task instantly means that everything is fine for the task. Showing this in the task updates causes a lot of confusion, but we don't want to turn off system updates since other system updates are important

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Agreed. It is...disconcerting...when we click on a task and there is a post that reads "[my name here] said the task is going smoothly", when in fact, the whole thing is in the toilet. I know of no other project management software that attributes false statements to users.


There seems to be a risk of lawsuit here, when the stakes get high and false information is being generated. I would appreciate some attention to fix this. Thanks for all you do.