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Allow system admins to update data fields on closed projects



Description - Allow System Admins to update custom fields on closed projects.


Why is this feature important to you -  We occasionally create new custom fields & forms and want to apply them to say a year's worth of projects to get a solid timeframe of new data. 


How would you like the feature to work - When Sys Admin attempts to update fields/form on a closed project, get a warning that the project is closed but will allow sys admin to save the updates to the project if select yes/continue.


Current Behaviour - System Admin creates new custom fields on a new form...say on a task level.  Admin needs to move complete projects to planning, select tasks, attach custom form and recalc expressions.  When there are hundreds of projects that this needs to be applied to, it's is very time consuming.

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@SarahWilkersonCA  if it's tasks or issues you're looking to edit on a closed project, perhaps you're looking for this in setup...

these fields are not checked in my current Workfront instance, but they were at my previous company and I was always able to edit any fields needed on a completed project. Now having said that, the edit access at my previous company was restricted to Admins, anyone could edit completed projects - which may not be appropriate for your instance.

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