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Allow "Sort" by field


Level 10


Allow the user to sort search results by the fields displayed. ie. Project search - Planned Completion Field



Level 2


Agreed—we'd find it very useful to be able to sort results by things like planned completion date or actual completion date, especially for tasks and issues.

I know it gives you the option to filter by particular date parameters, but you can't get a full list that’s in some sort of date order, like Due date (last to first), start or entry date (first to last), etc.
It would be nice if Workfront could put a little sort function on the top left of the list since that’s where the dates show up (currently showing “Due On” as the date on the right side of the results).
Example: a search for tasks with a specific term in the task name yields 43 results—in a totally random order. A sort feature would be very much appreciated.


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I just came across the Filter feature on the Advanced Search page - I don't have the need to use Advanced a ton, so the filter has probably been there awhile and I'm just seeing it.

But Sort would be equally as helpful - especially if you could add fields, same as you can for filter, to be able to sort on what's most important for that particular search.