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Allow More Than One Project Owner


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Description - Currently, only one project owner can be assigned to a project. It would be great to have the ability to assign more than one individual as the project owner. 

Why is this feature important to you - There are use cases in which more than one project owner would be useful. For example, if two project managers are collaborating on one project. Or, if a colleague is on vacation, you could temporarily be added as a project owner while they are out, so that the project appears in your project list, etc., but not removing your colleague so that it is still on their radar when they return. With a high volume of projects, this would be one less thing to think about. 

How would you like the feature to work - Just like other fields where multiple individuals can be assigned.

Current Behaviour - Only one individual can be assigned as a project owner. 



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Hi @malessi 

This feature is required in our organisation atleast 50% in total. The reasons you already mentioned above. Plus, in many situations, it is required more than one project owners, due to different departments, even in our organisation two different locations. Since in the whole plan, they are equally responsible, and manageing two different teams from different business entities and from different location.


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This is something we'll likely need to be dealing with as we continue moving from a siloed environment to a synergistic customer-centric environment. Likely same for Sponsor field as well. 


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I feel the same way but not just with projects -with requests also. Our marketing team wants to be able to have two people captain large projects. They used to be able to 'cc' each other on an email, so not being able to provide that visibility other than to set up an approval routing system to another marketing person or have the second marketing person have to go in and search for the other marketing person's project - makes it hard.


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My org also needs this feature, not only on a project level but Program/Portfolio as well. 


Is there a way to understand whether this is already included in the roadmap/any plans to include it in the near future?




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Hi all, 

I need some features like these, too.

To this day, does anyone know how to assign two or more owners to a project? , or two or more teams to a Project?