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Ability to reject a proposed new date (commit date)


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Often our team members will propose new dates for tasks that may not work in the overall time line. The PMs negotiate with the user, and a fair portion of the time we find a way to keep the original planned completion date.

The only way to remove / delete the commit date is to unassign then reassign the resource. It does not take long, but is cumbersome. Adding the option to "reject" the request in-line next the "Change Planned Date to...." link, would be helpful.



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When will Product Management take this idea and bring it to Development? It's got 10 votes already!

Can someone from the Product Team provide an answer to this question please? Thanks.

To add this this Idea:

  • The Project Owner is notified whether this change will impact the project timeline. If a Project Owner does not want to accept the change, it is recommended that they comment back to the user to ask them to change the commit date back to the original planned date, or select a new date. If a Project Owner accepts the change, they can manually adjust the planned completion date to match the commit date offered by the user assigned to the item.

[statement in bold above]

I find this function to be incredibly counter-intuitive and counterproductive to allow user to change commit date at their leisure without the ability to reject the new commit date. Why are we forcing PM to communicate to user to change back their original date? Just simply hit a reject button and it should convert back to the original date automatically.