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Ability to combine MP4 Proofs


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We have an increasing number of social animations. Workfront have flagged we’re unable to collate animations on Proof HQ it means the client gets numerous links and they’ve now voiced it’s too much to manage. As a result, it means copying and pasting every link into one consolidated email for them to review animations – It’s extremely time consuming and they then approve on email rather than on Proof HQ.
It also means if the same amend is needed across 10 videos that the client needs to go in and add that individually to each rather than applying one comment which gets applied to all.

The client sees the statics in one proof and can't understand why this can't be the same for MP4s.

Developing the ability to proof multiple MP4s would save valuable time, reduce human error of say forgetting to approve 1 out of 20 links and make ProofHQ more desirable for future and existing clients- instead we are at risk of being able to implement the process as this is so much of a high level issue.


Level 1


This function is something we really need to see too.
We share multiple MP4's with clients and it's unreasonable to ask them to open 30+ emails, add comments and submit, especially as we can batch for JPGs / PDFs etc.
Our workload is shifting more to animation assets so we need to see this update.


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We also would appreciate being able to combine interactive files into one proof! It's a pretty common occurrence to need to create multiple HTML/animated ads in a variety of layouts... it would save everyone time if they could be combined.


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Voting for this feature...


This is a significant issue for our team. We produce a lot of video assets and a lot of associated content. We would like to see the following: 

1: Multiple video assets being able to be combined in a single proof 

2: Multiple assets of different file types to be combined in a single proof (video, docx, pdfs, ppts)

3: Video assets embedded in PPT slides being able to be rendered in a single proof, rather than having to have the videos loaded as separate proofs. For our business the context is especially important, for reviewers, approvers and for our audit trail. 


We get complaints from our Project Owners that

a) the effort to prepare and distribute and then manage the review files is excessive due to the opening/closing of so many files

b) it can be difficult to ensure the context carries across different file types effectively


We also get complaints from Reviewers that

a) it is frustrating to have to open/close so many assets

b) feedback is often shared across multiple assets in the one project so they have to repeat themselves which is not an efficient use of time


We have designed our dashboards to ensure that projects are grouped but and project details/custom forms  and asset objectives are easily accessible but this remains a challenge.