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Ability to archive project templates


Level 10


Our company has a long list of project templates we have compiled over the years and some are no longer in use. Even though these are not used anymore we do not want to delete them and lose that information.

It would be great if there was a way to archive project templates so that we could filter out those templates which are no longer used and have a clearer view of the current templates.



Level 10


Thank you Robert! Yes, we are considering that as a solution as well.

Another suggestion I received from Workfront Support is to create a new project from a template and change that project's status to "Dead", then delete the template. This allows you to keep the template information within the dead project, and should you need it again you can copy it as a new template.

Also a suggestion from Workfront Support is to remove any people or teams with whom the template is shared from the template, that will cause the template to not show up as available in the dropdown menu for those users when they go to create a new project. However, System Admins will continue to see all of the templates in their list.

Though I appreciate the suggestions of workarounds, what I would really love to be able to do is simply have an archive category where we can file away outdated templates so the history is preserved but the current templates are easy to locate and work with.


Level 10


I have had this same issue. I also change the template name to start with z, so that it moves to the bottom.

I have had the same issue with Custom forms, and have to rename it "retired" or start the name with a z.


Level 2


Totally agree with this, our company is always changing processes and the updating of the custom forms has led to many unused fields and forms that are cluttering up the system.


Level 6


This may be solved for. There's a field on each template called [Is Active]. If you uncheck it, the template won't appear in the picklist or on your list of templates. It does stay on projects created with the archived template, so you can have historical reporting.