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Ability to approve project within a report without having to go directly into the project.


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Description - Our workfront instance has a report that shows all projects that have not been improved. We wanted the option to approve the project through the report to make it less work on our project manager, instead out going into each project individually 


Why is this feature important to you - This would have improve our process and make it easier on our project managers.


How would you like the feature to work - I would like the ability to approve projects within a report of project that have not been approved would like it to be a quick dropdown for our project managers.


Current Behaviour - This is something you can not do at the moment for workfront.



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@BruceMerriett12 You could actually do this. Try the following: 


1. Create a project level approval.  Set it to trigger when you change the status to "Current" for example.  The project statuses, once you change them - to "Pending Current".  

2. Create a project level report - filtering on projects in "Pending Current" status.  Make sure you put the project status as a column. Filter it by Status = Pending Current or Approval Pending = true

3. Whomever you share this with - that has Manage level access to the project (your PMs, for example) - can use the project status column - as a pull down to change the status to "Current" or whichever you call your "Current" projects. 


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This could simply be a case of restricted sharing rights.

If persons have manage access to the portfolios, projects, or other pertinent objects the report is reporting on, then those users with manage access to those objects should be able to edit the information on the report.
I use this technique a lot to achieve just what you are talking about, easy way to go down a list and make updates, without having to go through every issue or task individually.

i would suggest change the sharing rights for a test user and see if that does the trick.

this is when it can be helpful to have higher level organization (like portfolios and programs) so that sharing can be done judiciously, but without extreme burden to the admin.