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Exclude internal IP from RTCDP


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We have user data flowing into AEP Dataset created using schema. The schema is populated by data collection tags rules.

We have observed that there is some internal traffic which is disturbing user profiles stitching. We are now looking to exclude the internal traffic using IP exclusion. I think there can be two ways to achieve this:

1. Develop need to add a flag(True/False) based on matching IP ranges and exclude it either in rule condition to restrict edge network call or exclude while creating audience segment using flag response.

2. Write a custom code in AEP extension to check IP ranges and abort.


Any reference about which approach should work best and what should be the code if we go the second way. Also, do we need to implement user consent for IP address validation.


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Hi @ChiragMa 


It does not seem like there is an option to do this Out of the box in AEP Data Collection. It was discussed in this thread previously - https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-platform/is-there-a-way-to-exclude...

where another option suggested is to create this flag field in the data prep/mapping step using the regex for your internal IP ranges.


It might be appropriate to check with your data steward / data governance team regarding the user consent for IP address. 





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As of now we cannot do this , ibut i suggest you to implemant this in data layer execution. 


There are couple of work arounds depending on where you want to use the event 


  1. data layer: like you suggested if there is a way to tag a user as internal this you could exclude this hit within adobe launch config 
  2. You could use regex in data prep to match the range and add a flag to field in schema 
  3. Use the flag added via data prep to ignore/filter events in analytics or event forwarding 

Hope that helps!


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