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Cookie Destination or URL Destination equivalent in RT-CDP


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Hello All, is there a way we can replicate the cookie destination or URL destination in RT-CDP? I want to read the value of the segment id that the user qualified (no need of any profile attributes) and then pass it on to Adobe Analytics (in eVar/prop or XDM variable).

Context: One of my customer's marketing team wants a feature like "Audience Analytics" where they want to see their online segments in an eVar and observe downstream conversion metrics against them. (Previously this was possible using SSF setup), but with WebSDK, the segment qualification info is not exposed in the calls. So I am planning to implement a cookie or URL destination and grab the segment id as and when the user qualifies for segments.

Any insights here would be helpful!

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Hello @pradeep_nextrow 

In Adobe Real-Time CDP, you can create a custom destination to achieve this. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom destination with the desired segment ID.
  2. Integrate Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK with Adobe Analytics.
  3. Configure the Web SDK to listen for segment updates and capture the segment ID.
  4. Pass the captured segment ID to Adobe Analytics using an eVar, prop, or XDM variable.

Here's a high-level approach:

  1. In Adobe Real-Time CDP, create a custom destination that captures the segment ID.
  2. Use Adobe Experience Platform Launch to set up the Web SDK and configure it for your use case.
  3. Add a rule in Launch to listen for the "xdm.destination.segment" event or a similar custom event.
  4. In the same rule, set an action to assign the segment ID to an eVar, prop, or XDM variable in Adobe Analytics.

This approach will help you capture the segment ID and pass it to Adobe Analytics for further analysis. Make sure to test your implementation to ensure it works as expected.