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Submit your topic ideas for the Idea Exchange roundtable discussions at Summit 2023. Read the directions before starting.

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We are looking forward to connecting with you at the annual Commerce and Experience Manager Idea Exchange at Adobe Summit!


At this event, we will be setting aside time for you to participate in small round table conversations to share your ideas and get inspired by your peers. This is your opportunity to shape the conversations taking place at Summit by submitting the topics you would like to discuss whether it's around personalized commerce experiences, B2B commerce, composable and headless commerce architecture, performance optimization, best practices, or something else relevant to those working with Adobe Experience Manager or Commerce.


If you would like to lead a roundtable discussion on a topic, please create a new idea on this board with your topic title and a short discussion. We have limited slots available, so be sure to vote on the topics you would like to see at the event.


Idea Exchange topics and voting are due by the end of March 17, 2023.


Note: This event takes place in Vegas on March 20, 2023, and you must be attending Summit and invited to Idea Exchange in order to attend.

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Is there a way to turn off lazy loading for Adobe Experience Manager authors?


We noticed that AEM does not like folders to have more than 20 files before it starts lazy loading remaining files. 


That makes it difficult to quickly search all files in a folder (using a browsers find tool) or browse all files in a folder without first scrolling, waiting for more files to load, scrolling, waiting for more files to load, etc. It would be faster to have the list of all files load at once even if it means waiting a few seconds.


Or, even better, would be great to have the ability to toggle lazy-loading on/off in the upper right view settings.


Thank  you!