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Maximizing Web Performance: Important AEM Edge Delivery Service Resources




Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is now seamlessly integrating with the technology you already know and love, elevating your content, technology, and audience engagement to the next level. In this discussion, we will delve into essential aspects of AEM's edge delivery service, empowering developers to build lightning-fast websites while optimizing the authoring experience. Following are Key Resources to Accelerate Your Web Projects:



Title Description
Developer Tutorial Get started by following this comprehensive tutorial that will have you up and running with a new project in no time. This tutorial will get you up and running with a new project. 
Anatomy of a Project Discover how a typical project should be structured from a code standpoint, gaining insights into best practices for project organization.
Block Collection Explore a collection of blocks recommended as blueprints for blocks in your project, contributing to efficient development workflows.
Spreadsheets Learn how to translate Microsoft Excel workbooks and Google Sheets into JSON files that can easily be consumed by your website or web application.
Forms Go directly from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to the web in mere seconds. Sanitize and collect form data at an extreme scale. Effortlessly transform data from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets into web forms, ensuring efficient data collection at scale.
Indexing How to keep an index of all the published pages in a particular section of your website. Understand effective techniques to keep an index of all published pages in a specific section of your website, optimizing content retrieval.
Keeping it 100 The quality of the experience of consumers of your website is crucial to achieving the business goals of your website and the satisfaction of your visitors.
Markup - Sections The markup and DOM are constructed in a way that allows flexible manipulation and styling.
Favicon Give your website a professional look by adding a favicon to enhance the branding and recognition in your visitors' browsers.
Custom Headers Learn how to apply custom HTTP response headers to resources, for example, to allow CORS.


Join the discussion to unlock the potential of AEM's edge delivery service and make the most out of your content and technology integration. Let's innovate and build exceptional web experiences together!

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